Lela Rose Fall 2014 runway show, Lincoln Center, February 2014.

Lela Rose Fall 2014 runway show, Lincoln Center, February 2014.

About 39th & 8th

Here's a tip when taking a yellow cab en route to the Garment District: 39th Street goes west, and 8th Avenue goes north. You can hit this intersection whichever of the two directions you take, but to know the neighborhood and the (fashion) industry it supports, one must realize that this intersection represents the meeting of creativity and commerce, luxury and mass market, manufacturing and design.

Its not where we converge, but rather, its where we cross paths.

39thand8th.com embodies this knowledge of the fashion culture and its complex intersections. From simple musings through photography, fashion show reviews and designer features, to in-depth stories of the people and places we don't normally see, but are integral parts of this labyrinthine industry.

So brave the adventure, and meet me at the corner.


Arturo Veloira

It's nice to meet you.

2016 marks my 20th year in NYC, and 20 years of working in the fashion industry. I moved to New York from sunny Los Angeles in the summer of 1996, and I stumbled into a job in jewelry, not my obvious choice back then--since I was a practicing visual artist and journalist prior to that move.

But that job has contributed greatly to my achievements as a designer and product development specialist, and in the two decades of exposure to the different facets of this industry, I am very fortunate to have met many talented and hardworking individuals, whose storied lives we seldom see featured in print or web journals. 

This blog is primarily about those people, the fashion industry-front and back, and about the city I call home. 

Arturo Veloira